We help you create sustainability paths

We are an ecoinnovation lab. With quality and passion we develop customized sustainability solutions for our clients.

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We can support you to

undertake a sustainability path
assess and improve your environmental performance
develop an ecoinnovation strategy
communicate your results in a verifiable and innovative way


Opportunities for a responsible development of your company

We have over 20 years experience in sustainability metrics through the Life Cycle Thinking methodologies: LCA, LCC, S-LCA. We measure to help you develop new visions and concrete action plans based on a scientific approach.

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SimaPro is the software enabling you to drive change

SimaPro is a professional tool to collect, analyse and monitor the environmental performance of products and services. With SimaPro it is possible to model and analyse complex life cycles in a transparent and systematic way.

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We can support you along the learning process

Our philosophy is to enable your growth. We provide tools and a method for you to work independently which allows you not only to internalize the skills but also to improve exponentially. Our trainings enclose the experience gained in over two decades of international experience.

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Training calendar

10/07/2024 - 12/07/2024

Corso Life Cycle Assessment & SimaPro luglio 2024 – online

04/09/2024 - 06/09/2024

Corso Life Cycle Assessment & SimaPro settembre 2024 – online

06/11/2024 - 08/11/2024

Corso Life Cycle Assessment & SimaPro novembre 2024 – online


Skills and know-how at the service of research

Research projects represents a great opportunity to express our competence at the highest levels, to experiment and interact with the international scientific community deepening the areas of interest with other major experts in the field.

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We want to make complex concepts available to all in a stimulating way

We scientifically analyse sustainability but we like to talk about it in an entertaining and creating way and inspiring new ideas.

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