La cronologia della Life Cycle Assessment

23 May 2011

“Assessing the environmental impact of products throughout their whole lifecycle – from raw material extraction to transport, consumption and final disposal – is being touted as the new mantra in environmental policymaking and sustainable business decision-making”.

L’analisis del ciclo di vita è stata descritta in vari modi, ma è la prima volta che ne sento parlare come “mantra della politica ambientale e dei processi decisionali del business sostenibile”.

Ho trovato  questa lista , e questa definizione, nel sito di EuroActiv, una rete di paesi dell’Unione Europea (non è presente però l’Italia) che collaborano per scambiare informazioni sulle politiche dell’Unione e le rileggono attraverso i punti di vista e le necessità dei cittadini dei diversi paesi. La rete spera di allargarsi ad altri paesi dell’Unione Europea.

  • 1996 : First UNEP  publication on ‘LCA: What it is and how to do it’
  • 1997 First ISO standard on LCA
  • 1997 : Sustainable development included in the Treaty of Amsterdam as a fundamental objective of the EU
  • 1997 : European Environment Agency publishes  guide  to LCA
  • 2001 : EU launches   first sustainable development strategy
  • 2002 : World  summit on sustainable development in Johannesburg
  • July 2008 : Commission adopts  action plans on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) and Sustainable Industrial Policy (SIP), a Communication on Green Public Procurement and other related legislative initiatives
  • 2009 : UNEP  guidelines for Social Life-Cycle Assessment of Products
  • 29 Sept.- 2 Oct. 2009 : Joint North American life-cycle  conference ‘Towards the global life-cycle economy’ [see programme and abstracts  here ]
  • 1-2 Feb. 2010 : SETAC Europe 16th LCA Case Studies  Symposium  ‘From simplified LCA to advanced LCA’
  • By 2011 : Framework assessment methodology for food and drink products (SCP platform) should be finalised
  • By 2011 : EU expected to finalise a European Reference Life-Cycle Database ( ELCD ), an International Reference Life-Cycle Data System  (ILCD) , a Handbook of technical guidance documents for LCA and an  ILCD Data Network
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