Masterclass Social LCA con Mark Goedkoop

16 novembre 2022 - 11:00-18:00
Mark Goedkoop

We will share and discuss the main backgrounds and characteristics of the Handbook, and how it can support you to develop an initial case study. Mark will run a few exercises, which will be addressed in small groups.
You are all invited to bring a topic for this exercise, which can serve as an example. The goal is that you get insights in the key challenges and potential solutions when you would like to further develop such a case.


• Introduction into the PSIA Handbook
• Selection of the most material topic for a certain case study
• Development of an initial goal and scope, and a simplified drawing of the value chain you would like to focus on
• Creating an initial (mostly intuitive) Hotspot assessment
• Discussing a data collection strategy (Mark will explain various sources, tools and approaches)
• Steps forward to perform a Product Social Impact Assessment

Practical Details

When: November, 16th (11.00 -18.00)
Where: Filanda di Campocroce, Mogliano Veneto (TV)
Cost: special price for this edition, 400 euro (VAT excluded)
How to register: please contact us at to receive the participation form.
The training will be taught in English.
No prior knowledge of S-LCA required.

Social Value Assessment

Since 2013 PRé sustainability has been facilitating a group of proactive companies around the challenges to understand the social impacts along the value chain related to products, brands or even the entire company. This project developed, tested, redeveloped and tested again a Handbook, which is now in its 5th iteration. Companies participate as they see the need to develop consensus around this new topic. They really love to hear from each other how they are grappling with this
complex topic and which solutions they have found; a large part of the value is mutual inspiration.
Currently we are discussing how the Handbook can help to satisfy the upcoming requirements around Due Diligence, CSRD (double materiality), Just transition, EU taxonomy etc.

Mark Goedkoop

Mark is widely recognized as an international thought leader in the field of sustainability metrics and methodology development. His primary goal is to help companies create value
from sustainable products and services. While with PRé, Mark has developed pioneering methodologies for impact assessment (Eco-indicator 95/99 and ReCiPe). He has also published seminal studies on sustainable consumption, rebounds, and product service systems methodology, as well as initiating development of the world’s most widely used LCA software, SimaPro. Mark is the initiator of the Roundtable for Product Social Metrics and the Social Value Community

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