SimaPro: to gain insights into the environmental performance of products and services and become an informed change-maker that drives sustainable change.

SimaPro the solution to collect, analyze and monitor the sustainability performance data of products and services. SimaPro has been among the leading LCA software solutions for over 30 years – used by companies, consultancies and universities in more than 80 countries

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SimaPro Tools


Customized tools to enable departments in your company to evaluate different alternatives and scenarios without the need to gain LCA experience.

Products and additional services

SimaPro Share

Create and share scenarios. SimaPro Share is an intuitive-based tool for LCA expert to create product scenarios to share with industry stakeholders.

SimaPro Explore

Explore a wide variety of scenarios in detail.SimaPro Explore is the ideal tool for product designers that collaborates with LCA experts.

Report Maker

SimaPro Report Maker is a tool that allows to create graphs and tables in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, keeping them up-to-date when you change your model and data in SimaPro.

SimaPro Help Desk

We are the licensed help desk of SimaPro software.

2B is the Help Desk for SimaPro users. We support you with technical issues related to the software: installation, activation, and updates.

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