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What is the SHDB?

The social impact of a product is increasingly shaping the choices made by many consumers in terms of their purchases, and those of companies in terms of investments and recruiting talent. Companies that manage to transparently show how ethics and social responsibility are part of every step of their supply chain now have an advantage. The understanding and management of a business's social impact is, for all intents and purposes, a new element in market positioning.

Social life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) is a methodology to assess the potential social impacts of a product or service across its entire life cycle (e.g. raw materials extraction and processing, production, distribution, use, and end-of-life).

The quantity of data required to evaluate the social risks of the entire supply chain can be massive, and they aren’t always easy to obtain. Plus, interpreting those data sets can be complicated.

The Social Hotspot Database (SHDB) makes it possible to quickly identify and thus assign priority to social risks related to supply chains through data classified by country and industry, in addition to a methodology that helps quantify social impacts. The Social Hotspot Database offers companies and organizations a concrete, transparent tool to manage operations more responsibly.

The SHDB was developed by New Earth B, a B corporation that has always played a starring role in the developments of this methodology, thanks to its founders, Greg Norris and Catherine Benoit.

Why using the Social Hotspot Database?

  • to identify the main issues related to human rights connected with the company's supply chain
  • to handle measures on social impact reduction and to update on progress
  • informare sulle condizioni sociali del proprio processo produttivo
  • to identify potential contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • to identify concrete actions to be implemented in collaboration with stakeholders to reduce risks
  • to support socially responsible purchasing processes
  • to support investment choices
  • calcolare la propria social footprint

What does the Social Hotspot Database include?

The SHDB is a modular system that includes the following three elements:

  1. information on trade flows between economic sectors in each country or world region (Global Input Output Model, also called Multiregional Input Output or MRIO). It provides information on how the supply chain is structured and where it is localized based on trade data
  2. information on employment of labor (hours of work) related to each country o region of the world per dollar of output
  3. information on social risks by country or economic sector

Social Hotspot Database and SimaPro

SHDB and SimaPro together offer a tool to conduct Social LCA studies and assess the social risks of a supply chain identifying major issues or comparing possible different scenarios. The SHDB can be easily installed in SimaPro in 3 clicks.

2B is the exclusive distributor of the SHDB with Simapro in Italy because of its partnership with NewEarth B, with whom it collaborates to raise awareness about Social LCA.

Our brochure on the SHDB

Discover the database details to conduct your Social LCA studies

How to buy the SHDB

The SHDB can be requested filling the form here below and sending it to

The Social LCA of the project Water2REturn

We used the SHDB in the Social LCA study of the Horizon2020 Water2REturn project
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