Practical workshop on Life Cycle Costing

Our Life Cycle Costing Training teaches how to apply this methodology and how to combine the environmental and economic aspects of sustainability. We have developed a teaching method which concentrates on learning by doing and created exercises and case studies to engage attendees in different topics of LCC.

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Objectives of the workshop

The objective of the training is to provide the ability to understand and use the LCC methodology. The workshop is highly interactive and takes into account the specific needs and skills of the attendees. A case study is performed with the use of the software SimaPro.

Workshop program

  • Introduction to LCC
  • Practical approach to LCC methodology
  • Practical example of LCC with the software SimaPro
  • Eco-efficiency, how to combine LCA and LCC
  • Monetization in the LCC methodology
  • Discounting
  • Discussion on topics of interest of the trainees, who receive tips and support on their studies

Who is the training for?

The training is addressed to those wishing to learn both theory and practice of LCC. The training is personalized to the needs of the trainees and follows an interactive approach. Basic knowledge of LCA is recommended.


This workshop is not available at the moment as a collective training, but please contact us for updates or if you are a company interested in a personalized training.

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