Remote tutoring

L’attività di remote tutoring permette l’accompagnamento nello svolgimento di progetti di LCA a distanza attraverso un supporto competente, flessibile e in comodi pacchetti ore.

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The usefulness of remote tutoring

Remote tutoring can be used to:

  • Learn how to set up a project
  • Receive support with the most critical phases of a study
  • Use the software SimaPro
  • Share choices on the methodological approach

The advantages of remote tutoring

Remote tutoring offers different advantages:

  • experience: support is provided by an experienced LCA practitioner and the back-up of a whole team
  • flexibility: the service is provided in packages of hours which can be used based on the specific needs

Who is the training for?

Remote tutoring is aimed at the final users of the studies. It is most suited for:

  • those starting to work with LCA and SimaPro
  • those who have already attended an LCA training with 2B or used our remote tutoring service.

In all other cases, please contact us and we will evaluate how we can support you.

Practical details

The remote tutoring service can be purchased for packages of minimum 4 hours and can be used during different online meetings.

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